Bio / Statement

Jorge Espinosa M. 

J.E.M. is a Los Angeles based artist, musician, educator and designer. He has carried out solo exhibitions in Ecuador and has also participated in collective art shows in Ecuador, USA, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Peru.  Alongside his visual and audio artwork, he composes soundtracks for dance pieces, drama plays and frequently participates in rock and experimental musical projects.

J.E.M. es un artista, músico, educador y diseñador gráfico radicado en Los Ángeles, California. Ha realizado exhibiciones individuales en Ecuador y ha participado en varias exposiciones colectivas en Ecuador, Estados Unidos, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay y Perú. Paralelamente a su trabajo audiovisual compone bandas sonoras para obras de danza contemporánea y participa frecuentemente en proyectos de rock y música experimental.

I am interested in creating sonic and visual scenarios where I can explore ideas of power, and the context where such dynamics happens. This is an opportunity for me to reflect on who I am, and where I stand regarding certain topics. Even though I try to use accurate historical facts as a source, I am also interested on the fictional side of history. I’m not pretending to document a conflict, but to model a scenario with found elements where I can create a new one. That is why my work is equally informed by radio soap operas and news reports. I navigate in between music exploration, the recreation of personal and collective memories through soundscapes and visual scenarios, and art installations.

Some of my work is very specific to certain places or audiences since it draws from particular codes and references. I don’t think that all my pieces function the same everywhere, it’s interesting to see how they change depending on who’s the audience and where it’s presented.